Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Who's Behind that False Face?

This week in music we've been talking about Halloween and all the scary masks and costumes that we may see. We talked about "real" and "pretend", and how just because someone dresses up like a cat (or any other character) that doesn't make that person really turn into a cat. It's just pretend.

We also learned a new word: "False" which means not true, not real. Pretend.

We played a singing game where the kids closed their eyes while one of their friends hid behind our "false face" - (a mask face that was "false" -- or NOT real). At the end of the song the kids guessed who was behind the mask.

Some of the children were great detectives, checking to see who was missing, looking at clothes for clues, etc. They were so anxious to identify who was behind the "false face", they couldn't wait for the end of the song to holler out the name.

A big thanks to the staff for their cooperation in helping me create this fun guessing game. BROWNIES are coming!

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  1. This is really smart and fun way to introduce the idea of masks. Thank you for sharing.