Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shaker Games

One skill that is important for music is being able to listen and distinguish different sounds and pitches.  We played shaker games all week helping us hear similarities and differences of shaker sounds.

Our first game was matching two shakers that sound alike....

We also played a game where each child was given a shaker and they had to move around the room to see if they could find their shaker partner -- the one who had a shaker that sounded just like theirs.

Then we played another game where we worked as teams to find the shaker that matched the one we were given.

You can make your own shakers out of any container that you have at home -- empty butter tubs, easter eggs, frosting containers.  Just fill each pair with identical items, seal the tops with tape if necessary, and see how many shaker varities you can create. 

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