Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Songs

Stirring my Brew

Pass the Pumpkin

knock knock, trick or treat


5 Little Pumpkins

Pumpkin, Pumpkin Round and Fat

Mr. Jackolantern

Pumpkin rolling

Pets and Animals

The 3 Little Fishies

Little Spider

scat the cat

5 Little Birdies

I had a little turtle

walk along rover

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Little Mousey Brown

This is one of our favorite songs.  The audio on this video is not great, so I've posted the words below. If you can't get the tune, this can always be enjoyed as a fingerplay (with no music).

Up the tall dark candlestick went little mousey Brown
But when she got to the very top, she couldn't get back down
So, she called to her grandma (grandpa, momma, daddy, brother, sister, etc.)
but grandma was in town.
So she curled herself into a ball and she rolled herself back down.


This week we sang about cowboys and TEXAS!

We learned how to make the sound of horses hooves with plastic cups

and then we rode our ponies around the room

and we did some lasso-ing too!

We sang about TEXAS..

tumbled like tumbleweeds

Had a rodeo

and rode our ponies some more!

Monday, September 22, 2014


during Family week we sang lots of songs about our families, and then pretended to be babies.  We rocked each child to sleep and then played 10 in the bed.  Here's a sample:

And here are the hand motions when we're not rolling across the floor:

There were 5 in the bed and the little one said,

Roll over

I'm squishy!

 So they all rolled over and 1 fell out



And then we talked about music families.  To simplify we stuck with 3 basic music families: 
strum (for stringed instruments), 
blow (for brass and woodwinds) and 
tap (for percussion instruments)

i was amazed at how intuitive the kids were on sorting all sorts of instruments into families based on how they are played.  We played a matching game and tapped our clave's again to a chanting story about a Daddy Teddy Bear (loud), Mommy Teddy Bear (medium) and Baby Teddy Bear (soft)

Dinosarus ROAR!

This week we sang about dinosaurs and then marched around the room to our favorite song, "We are the Dinosaurs", by Laurie Berkner. 

We talked about loud dinosaurs who "ROAR"
and soft dinosaurs who "squeak"

Then we played our "claves" (sticks) LOUD and soft 
and listened to and identified LOUD and soft music.