Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Springtime Songs and music

Waltz of the flowers.   Spinning windmill flowers from the dollar store make great waltzing flowers

Little Arabella has a very annoying pet caterpillar!

puddles are for jumping

this is one wiggly wiggly worm

and a little wiggly worm music

Bumble Bee wind socks from the dollar store make great props for our Flight of the Bumblebee Song

little sees wake up in the springtime and grow!

Some bugs are helpful, but others are not.  We had fun tiptoe-ing up to them and giving them a good SWAT!


Monday, March 23, 2015

Musical Instrument Exploration

 This past week we explored lots of different musical instruments from around the world.  We explored instruments from Africa, South America, Japan, China, Latvia, the Phillipeans, Trinidad and Tobago, Vietnam, Australia, and America.  The instruments were set up in a circle around the room and the kids rotated from one instrument to the next so everyone got to try every instrument & then each of us got to tell which was our favorite!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Boomwhacker Music

Playing Boomwhakers

Composing our own Boomwhacker music.

Space Story

Playing with light sabers, looking for alien spacecraft, travelling through outer space

and sharing our alien voices

Jazz Band

Jazz band

We played Jazz instruments, and read Jazz Fly and Ben's Trumpet

Drumming Drumming Drumming

drumming on boxes to Hand, Hand Fingers Thumb

Drumming on buckets to Tanka, Tanka Skunk

and then we did our own drumming beats to our names and to animal names

tapping on a real drum