Sunday, March 8, 2015

Drumming Drumming Drumming

drumming on boxes to Hand, Hand Fingers Thumb

Drumming on buckets to Tanka, Tanka Skunk

and then we did our own drumming beats to our names and to animal names

tapping on a real drum


  1. Hi Marilee,
    Can you tell me where you found these buckets, and did you make your own mallets? I would love to know what you used. The tone quality is great!
    Thank you,
    Kathy C

    1. the buckets are chlorine buckets from our pool (the chlorine tabs were in a bag in the bucket so the bickers don't smell like chlorine). I'm sure the big plastic buckets from Home Depot would do the same thing. The mallets are dollar store bouncy balls that I drilled a hole in, and then glued in the dowels. Good luck!